Take a Look Inside Our Scotland Grand Tour

Jun 14, 2021
Destination Inspiration
Sunset view of the Glenfinnan Viaduct bridge with Loch Shiel in the distance.

Are you dreaming of lush hills, fine whiskey, and mysterious lochs and glens? Or, maybe you’re lost in the thought of captivating histories, stunning architecture and scenic countryside? If this sounds like you, look no further than Scotland for your next great adventure. Scotland is full of iconic locations and unique stays, making it an exciting trip for everyone. Take a look inside our Scotland Grand Tour and see exactly what makes Scotland such a desirable destination. Our ultimate Scotland get-away… The 14 Day Scotland Grand Tour!

An aerial view of Doune Castle near St. Andrews, Scotland, in the summer.

Discover Fascinating St. Andrews

Start your trip off at the home of regal history. Explore the quaint town of Linlithgow and walk through the once-lively halls of Sterling Castle. In St. Andrews, fantasy meets reality. Explore Doune Castle the location used to film Outlander, Game of Thrones, and Monty Python and the Holy Grail. You truly feel immersed as you take in these epic Scottish locations.

A view from the river of Inverness, known as the Capital of the Scottish Highlands.

Explore the Inciting Incidents in Inverness

Inverness, known as the Capital of the Scottish Highlands, has seen its fair share of “inciting incidents”. This city boasts historic rebellions, regality and romance. Our expert guides walk you through the story of Inverness, with riveting histories like the battles of the Jacobite rebellion. See first-hand how the past can come to life as you visit castles, battlegrounds and ancient locations that still stand today.

A battle reenactment scene of the Battle of Culloden, Scottish Highlands.

Absorb the Histories of the Bonnie Black Isle

For a more unique adventure, we guide you through the romantic Black Isles. Steeped in tragedy and intrigue, these lands showcase the somber events of Culloden in 1746. Visit the field where it all occurred and see the Clava stones and burial Cairns. Walking through the ancient fields of the Bonnie Black Isle, some explorers say they feel ethereal energy. This serves as a reminder of the strength of Highlanders, and the tragedy that befell them.

History Check: The Battle of Culloden (1746) was essentially the last stand of the Highlanders against the British Army. The Jacobite Army, led by Charles Edward Stuart fought hard for their land, despite being drastically outnumbered.

Vista of the iconic sandstone cliffs off the Hoy coast on the Black Isle, Scottish Highlands.

Go off the beaten path at the Orkney Islands

A far contrast from the dark events at Bonnie Black Isle, we guide you away from mainland Scotland to the alluring Orkney Islands. The Orkney archipelago has deep Viking roots and four Neolithic UNESCO World Heritage Sites, making it easy to get swept up in the culture. We take you to notable locations, including the ancient Ring of Brognar and the stunning sandstone cliffs of the Hoy coast.

Colorfully painted buildings on The Royal Mile, Edinburgh, Scotland.

The Scotland Grand Tour Offers So Much More

These are only crevices of the vast experiences within our Scotland Grand Tour. During 14 days total, you’ll travel from the tip of the Highlands to metropolitan Edinburgh. Along the way, you’ll see history come to life with battlefields, castles and landscapes. Scotland provides unique experiences that are sure to impress like no other country. Our Scotland Grand Tour offers expert private guides, private luxury transportation and so much more! More history, more adventure and deeper insights. For details about this unforgettable trip, visit our Scotland Grand Tour Private Tour page at Traveling Soul Tours.

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