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Combining scholarly insights and local expertise for a deeper travel experience

Embark on an enlightening journey with our Special Edition Tours, a collection of unique itineraries curated and hosted by a PhD specialist in Anthropology and Geography. You’ll explore sacred sites and landscapes through the lens of anthropology, archeology, mythology, history, geography and geology. Our Special Edition Tours offer insights and narratives from our PhD host and the authentic expertise of our local guide, ensuring a travel experience that’s as profound as it is captivating.

What Makes Our Special Edition Tours Different

Travel with a PhD Specialist and Expert Local Guide on an Adventure of Discovery

PhD Specialist

We are excited to offer the insights of Dr. Amanda Todd on Special Edition Tours. She has been teaching Anthropology and Geography at Coastal Carolina University since 2018. Her courses focus on human-environment interactions, natural environments, cultures, and belief systems. She specializes in Spiritual Landscapes and Sacred Spaces.

Expert Local Guide

Our local guides are your ultimate insiders! As with all of our tours, each day you’ll be joined by an expert guide brimming with local knowledge and hidden gems to share with you. Your seasoned guide will reveal the intriguing stories and fascinating histories of each location you visit, allowing you to experience a place like a local.

Hands-on Adventure

Let your experiences match the epic vistas you’ll be immersed in! Our Special Edition Tours embrace adventure with hiking, mingling with locals and unique hands-on experiences tailored to your specific tour. These journeys are “active” meaning you can expect an easy hike of 3 miles daily to sacred or ancient places in the landscape.

Special Edition Tours to Scotland

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Ancient Sites and Sacred Landscapes of Scotland 10-Day Tour

A 10-day exploration of Mainland Scotland, Isles of Iona & Mull, Isle of Skye, and Isle of Harris and Lewis

Embark on an exclusive 10-day journey led by knowledgeable experts, spanning the iconic landscapes of mainland Scotland, the serene Isles of Iona & Mull, the awe-inspiring Isle of Skye, and the untamed beauty of Harris and Lewis. Accompanied by a PhD specialist and a seasoned local guide, delve into Scotland’s rich history and discover the hidden gems of its ancient and storied past. This adventurous tour offers an in-depth exploration of Scotland’s heritage, breathtaking scenery, and timeless charm.

Ancient Sites and Sacred Landscapes Borders 7-Day Tour

A 7-Day discovery of Southern Scotland and Northern England’s Borders: Castles, Forts, Cathedrals, and Stone Circles

Join us on a 7-day exploration of Southern Scotland and Northern England, where history and heritage intertwine. Guided by a PhD specialist and an expert local guide, uncover the rich tapestry of these regions’ past. Wander the lively streets of Edinburgh and Glasgow, then bask in the Lake District’s serene splendor. Unravel the secrets of Hadrian’s Wall, Bamburgh Castle, and Holy Island. Each day brings new insights into ancient Britain, from majestic castles and forts to mystical cathedrals and stone circles, all set against captivating landscapes.


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Meet Our PhD Specialist

Amanda Todd, PhD / Anthropology and Geography

Amanda Todd integrates the Earth Sciences with the Sacred. She teaches both physical and cultural geography courses as a classically trained geographer in the Anthropology and Geography department at Coastal Carolina University. The specialty courses she has designed and teaches include: Spiritual Landscapes and another course called Sacred Spaces, Sacred Paths. Amanda considers nature one of life’s biggest teachers – both in science and in spirituality – and that they should be considered together as a whole. She has been leading workshops, guided walks, retreats and pilgrimages to spiritual landscapes and sacred spaces for two decades.

Amanda lives along the East Coast of North Carolina with her husband, Steve, and their two dogs.


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