Discover Your Scottish Roots on a Custom Ancestry Tour

Apr 27, 2021
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Epic vista of the Scottish Highlands mountains with a woman sitting looking at the view in the foreground. Discover Your Scottish Roots on a Custom Ancestry Tour.

There is certainly something for everyone to enjoy in Scotland from dramatic mountains, historic castles, and rich culture. But what about something specific to just you? An experience so unique, no one could ever have the same one? Traveling Soul Tours is excited to offer private and highly personalized Ancestry Tours! Scotland is a world leader in providing family history information, partly because its historic written records go back to the Middle Ages. Did you know approximately 50 million Americans are descended from Scottish roots? That’s actually more than the current population of Scotland itself. Now, you can discover your Scottish roots on a Custom Ancestry Tour. Walk the path of your ancestors, explore significant familial locations and unlock the secrets of your genealogy in a true one-of-a-kind experience.

View of an ancient castle ruin on the shores of a Scottish loch.

Walking in the Steps of Your Ancestors

Touring through the Scottish countryside will bring unforgettable moments filled with incredible adventures and jaw-dropping views. But what about a tour of Scotland that promises all of the above, and more? In addition to seeing the sights, you can receive a personalized history of your Scottish roots and actually walk through the places that are unique to you and your heritage. As you are guided through the beauty of the country you’ll dive deep into your roots and the history of your family. We combine our tour guides’ expertise with genealogy to reveal your history and give you a glimpse into the lives of your ancestors.

A pastoral scene in the Scottish Highlands with a view of rolling green hills and dramatic mountains in the background.

Experience Scotland’s Beauty First-hand

In addition to learning the details of your heritage, you will also be guided through some of the most beautiful locations that Scotland has to offer. Let yourself be swept away in the magic as you discover the mysteries of this unique country. You’ll be accompanied by an expert local guide whose goal is to give you the most meaningful and memorable trip possible.

A mosaic of images about Scottish ancestry.

Crafting Your Custom Ancestry Tour

In order to help you discover your Scottish roots, we rely on genealogy resources and our guides’ expertise. We take time before your journey to understand your background, and exactly what will matter to you on the trip. Due to the highly personalized nature of this custom tour, we encourage you to contact us to find out more and get started. We can’t wait to build a unique trip that will enrich your life in real and lasting ways!

More Than Personal History

It’s not just about your ancestry – this journey to Scotland will be tailored to your travel preferences and interests. We personalize each day of your trip, down to the last detail. Our guides will escort you through some of the most magnificent countrysides Scotland has to offer. You’ll enjoy intriguing accommodations each night, discover fantastic foods, and create meaningful memories you’ll keep forever. And, beyond these unforgettable adventures, we help you experience your heritage like never before!

We personalize each day of your trip, down to the last detail.

Photo of 5 metal brooches of Scottish family crests.

Find Your Adventure

Your Scottish heritage is waiting for you. Don’t wait any longer to explore the awe and wonder of this beautiful country and experience your ancestry first-hand! To learn more about how to discover your Scottish roots on a Custom Ancestry Tour visit our Custom Tours page. Or, contact us now!

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