Walla Walla: The Rising Star of American Wine Country

May 4, 2021
Intriguing Stories
A stemmed glass of red wine in the foreground with a Walla Walla vineyard, river and mountain in the background.

My recent trip to Walla Walla, Washington was a delightful discovery! Each day was filled with laughter, intriguing moments and great wine. The town of Walla Walla has charming shops and restaurants and is ideally situated in a beautiful part of Washington. The local family-owned vineyards have been perfecting wine for generations. Beyond the wine, we were fascinated to learn and experience the compelling history of the area. Although it’s not as well known as Napa Valley, Walla Walla is the rising star of American wine country. I highly recommend exploring and enjoying this beautiful part of the Northwest.

Rolling green hills and vineyard rows in the Walla Walla wine region, the rising star of American wine country.

Captivating Views Beckon You to Stay

Upon arrival to Walla Walla, my husband and I were blown away by the sheer beauty of the area. As we enjoyed our wine on the veranda of a family vineyard, the view was so captivating I couldn’t take my eyes off of it! The uninterrupted vista of rolling mountains and the Columbia River cutting through the land. Walla Walla is a lush and underpopulated paradise, and I was in no hurry to leave.

An 1863 oil on canvas painting by Albert Bierstadt of men in a forest around a campfire on the Oregon Trail near Walla Walla, Washington.

Washington History and Adventures

While in Walla Walla, we experienced so much more than excellent wine tasting. Washington is full of fascinating history and culture. We were thrilled to experience some of the historical discoveries of the western expansion of America. One of my favorite moments was visiting Columbia Gorge and the trail of Lewis and Clarke. It was incredible to see where they had camped back in 1806 and walk the same path they did. This type of history and adventure is specific to the Southern Washington region. It enhanced our trip with intrigue and excitement.

Beautiful vista of a family-owned vineyard in Walla Walla wine country.

Family-Owned Vineyards

As we made our way through Walla Walla, stopping from vineyard to vineyard, we were pleased by the gracious friendliness of the owners and workers. We found that many of the vineyards were family-owned. In some families, wine production has been perfected for generations. We were impressed with how welcoming and familial the vineyard tours were. It was a marked contrast to the corporate vineyards and crowded city of Napa we have experienced in the past.

In Walla Walla, we were treated to a truly relaxed stay in a quiet charming town with unique shops and amazing wines.

Table top view of several glasses filled with beer, wine and some small plates of food with a lake and a Walla Walla mountain and river in the background.

Beer, Spirits, and Wine Galore!

One of our surprise discoveries about Walla Walla’s tourism is that there’s more than just wine! We were delighted to learn that the area also offers many high-quality breweries and distilleries. Part of our trip was spent tasting, touring and enjoying locally crafted beer and spirits. It certainly added some pleasantly unexpected variety to our vacation. When it comes to Walla Walla, we found there is something for everyone’s taste buds.

A group of young adults in a casual setting tasting wine at a Walla Walla winery.

Experience the Small Town Difference

Although Walla Walla is smaller than California’s Napa Valley, that is one of its benefits. Visiting this area feels like discovering a hidden gem! We truly enjoyed our break from reality in this perfect get-away location, and we can’t wait to return for more. 

To experience Walla Walla just like we did, and for more Washington sights and activities, visit our Private Tours page and check out our Washington Wine and Wilderness Tour. We would love to plan your personalized private tour where you can experience the charm of Walla Walla, the rising star of American wine country!

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