The Perfect Private Tour for Outlander Fans

Jun 1, 2021
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Clava Stones in Scotland at the filming location for Outlander.

When watching the TV series Outlander, it’s easy to dream of exploring the beautiful countryside and majestic castles that the Fraser Clan adventures through. These dreams can actually become a reality by visiting the beautiful country of Scotland. Step into the world of Outlander to see the stunning Scottish scenery and follow the consuming storyline of 18th century Highlanders. 

Experience all Outlander has to offer with our expert locally guided Private Tour. This is the perfect private tour for Outlander fans, as you visit filming locations and experience first-hand what it was like to live in Scotland long ago.

The Perfect Private Tour for Outlander Fans includes visiting Culloden Battlefield.

Outlander through The Highlands

Part of the magic of the show Outlander is the exploration of the Scottish countryside. Spend a day or two discovering the green rolling hills that set the stage for the famous series. With most of the series filmed around the beautiful town of Inverness, you’ll never run out of sights to see. Some of our favorite locations to visit are the Clan Fraser family tomb and the famous Culloden battlefield. The Scottish Highlands offer breathtaking landscapes that make you feel as if you are truly walking through time. 

More than the countryside immerses you into Outlander’s world. Traveling through the idyllic villages and magnificent castles and learning the fascinating clan histories really allows you to lose yourself in this singular country.

Interior room of the Castle Doune in Scotland, a filming location of Outlander.

Explore through The Castles

One of the best parts about watching Outlander is seeing all of the ancient castles reimagined in their prime. With our private tour, you can walk inside these architectural wonders and feel the history come to life. Imagine yourself experiencing the rebellion, tragedy and romance of Scottish history right in front of you. Not-to-be-missed Outlander castles are the Midhope castle, the Leoch castle and the Doune castle. These epic buildings will blow you away with their beauty, history and stories. 

With so much to see, you’ll be amazed by every destination and truly enchanted throughout the journey. Our Outlander Private Tour practically transports you back in time, so you can relive the unique history of 18th century Scotland.

A private tour of the Outlander filming location at Castle Leod in Scotland.

What is a Private Tour?

A Private Tour with Traveling Soul Tours means you and your travel companions experience these incredible sights and scenes alone. No large groups, no distractions and no time limits. Your personal guide works only with your group, so immersing yourself in the world of Outlander is all the more possible. Additionally, you’ll enjoy private transportation, chauffeured in a luxury car by your guide. No worrying about navigating or driving on the wrong side of the road! 

Each tour is customized to fit your specific interests, meaning you are in control of what you see and do. Traveling Soul Tours gives you the advantage of having a private vacation, with the expert knowledge of a professional local tour guide.

Whisky distillery tours and famous golf courses are plentiful in Scotland.

There’s more than just Outlander

There’s much more to Scotland than Outlander, and we have crafted a tour to encompass this diversity.  Beyond Outlander’s stunning experiences, our tour provides a chance to get up-close and personal with Scotland’s greatest hits – whisky and golf. Enjoy sampling unique blends at whisky distilleries and playing golf across the countryside, including the original course in St Andrews

Scotland truly offers something for everyone! Discover Outlander filming locations, world-famous golf courses and acclaimed whisky distilleries. For more information about the perfect private tour for Outlander fans visit our Whisky, Golf & Outlander Private Tour page or visit our Private Tours page.

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