5 Packing Essentials for Outdoor Adventures

Jul 7, 2021
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Senior couple hiking together holding hands in the mountains.

Are you headed for a vacation chock-full of exciting outdoor activities? Whether you’re hiking in the mountains or kayaking a river, there are a few essentials that every outdoor enthusiast needs. Below, you’ll find our 5 packing essentials for outdoor adventures that are sure to make your trip a success.

Water is a packing essential for outdoor adventures.

1: Hydration

Whether it’s a water bottle or a hydration pack, every person on your excursion should be consistently drinking water. Avoid cutting the fun short with dehydration spells and headaches and bring an adequate water supply. For an added sense of adventure, try using a water purifier that allows you to drink directly from a natural water source!

A first aid kit is a packing essential for outdoor adventures.

2: First Aid Kit

You never know when an accident will happen. By anticipating an injury, you can be prepared for anything. Keeping a small first-aid kit in your pack at all times can get you out of tough spots. Some key items to include in your kit are disinfecting wipes, bandages, antibiotic salves and bug repellants.

Woman a dark forest with a flash light.

3: Light Source

Any time you are out in the wild, you should have a light source with you. Even if you are just planning a day trip, you never want to be caught without light. Two great options are headlamps and small easy-to-pack flashlights. Both styles are inexpensive and easily purchased. Bringing along a few extra batteries is also a good idea.

Gloved hand holding a cell phone with a GPS navigation app showing a hiking map.

4: Navigation

All outdoor adventurers should keep a form of navigation on them. Whether you’re hiking a trail you know well or trying something new, having a GPS is essential. Navigation apps keep track of the distance remaining on your trek. And, if you do get lost, the app helps you back on track. Even if your phone is out of service, many navigation apps will continue to track your progress on a trail. Optionally, you can go “old school” with a tried and true compass and map.

Close up of a hiking boot on a dusty trail.

5: Hiking Shoes

Wearing the right footwear can make or break your adventure. Hiking in Adidas won’t cut it and kayaking in Converse sounds like a soggy nightmare. Save those styles for your day on the town and invest in some first-rate hiking shoes. You don’t want to get stranded on the trail with shoes that can’t properly grip the terrain. Wearing the right shoes will protect your feet, help you explore easier, and won’t invite blisters. Don’t be held back from a great adventure because your shoes can’t handle it!

A mother and daughter swinging on a hammock looking out at a beautiful lake in the mountains.

Prepare in Advance for a Great Trip

Outdoor activities offer some of the most rewarding and exciting moments while on a vacation. However, it is important to always be prepared, and anticipate the unexpected. By using these 5 packing essentials for outdoor adventures, you’ll be ready to handle just about anything your outdoor itinerary throws at you.

Four men silhouetted on the top of a mountain with a stunning sunset behind them.

Traveling Soul Tours’ Expertise

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