Best Scottish Wildlife to Spot in the Fall

Jul 18, 2022
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Woman in bright yellow jacket wildlife watching with binoculars.

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Are you looking for a Scottish adventure with a unique reward? Scotland is home to a wide variety of native wildlife. Discover the natural inhabitants, from coast to hills, on an immersive Private Tour with Traveling Soul Tours. With so many species to find, it’s easy to catch a glimpse! Check out our list below of the best Scottish wildlife to spot in the fall, and our insider tips for finding them.

Majestic red deer stag in the countryside of Scotland.

#1: The Stag

Listen for the sound of roaring and clattering as the majestic Scottish red stags take over the countryside. Autumn is the official breeding season for red deer. They can be found in sheltered glens, preparing for the annual rut, where males compete to mate with females. The overall population of red deer in Scotland is around 360,000, making the chances of spotting one high!

Adorable gray seal pup on the coast of Scotland.

#2: Baby Seals

Also known as seal pups, these adorable aquatic animals are born during late autumn. The official name of this season in Scotland is Seal Pupping due to the immense number born. The best place to view the baby seals is on the West Coast, where they spend their days soaking in the sun, lounging on coastal rocks, and representing a sweet and cuddly side of Scottish wildlife.

A pair of Whooper swans on a loch in Scotland.

#3: Swans

Swans migrate in droves to Scotland in the autumn, and finding them is relatively easy. Head to bodies of water to see these beautiful birds. Two different breeds, the Whooper from Iceland and the Bewick from Siberia, migrate to Scotland to make their homes in lochs, ponds, and pools. The best time to see these majestic birds is in the fall and winter seasons, and they will wow you with their fun behavior and beautiful feathers.

A family of otters playing in the water of a Scottish loch.

#4: Otters

Are you an otter lover? Visiting Scotland in the autumn is a must, then. With 80% of the United Kingdom’s otter population residing in Scotland, you’re likely to spot a few of these playful animals. Inquisitive, chatty, and intelligent, otters make for a delightful species to watch. Otters reside in waterways and coastal sites throughout Scotland. It may take patience to see them in action, but rest assured – they are there!

An Atlantic salmon leaping upstream at the dam in Pitlochry, Scotland.

#5: Salmon Leaping

Have you ever seen a fish leap through the air? In Scotland, witnessing this is a high possibility! Set out on tour to find the Atlantic Salmon, a mark of Scottish history, culture, and mythology! For centuries, salmon have been part of Scotland’s culture, having their depiction carved into stones by the early Celts, Vikings and the Picts. Atlantic Salmon are highly active in autumn, making their appearances in October and early November. If you’re ready to set out and watch for leaping salmon, the best places to view are the Falls of Braan, and the Pitlochry Dam on the River Tummel. For the highest chance of seeing the salmon in action, try viewing in the early morning and late evening.

A person in a vehicle feeding a carrot to a red deer stag in the valley of Glencoe, Scotland.

Visit Scotland

Scotland is a land brimming with beautiful views and fantastic wildlife. With our list of the best Scottish wildlife to spot in the fall, you are ready for a unique adventure! Of course, searching for wildlife is no guarantee of finding them, but with an expert guide on our Private Tour, your chances are much higher. Our experienced guides know exactly where to look to find local animals, and share their knowledge with you to give an immersive and thrilling hunt!

If discovering Scotland sounds like a dream come true, check out our Private Tours. We craft vacations you’ll never forget, completely tailored to your interests, and with expert guides who provide all the knowledge to immerse you in the country fully. For more Scotland exploration tips, visit our blog.

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