Our 5 Tried and True Travel Tips

Jul 26, 2021
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Tried and True Travel Tips with a suitcase and packed items.

Heading out on vacation? Or maybe you’re just dreaming about your next one? Either way, we’ve got you covered. Our 5 tried and true travel tips are sure to help keep your vacation going smoothly. Check out our top five tips below.

View out of an airplane window looking at the ocean and sky.

Tip #1: The earlier you book, the cheaper your flights

Ready to save the most on flights? Book in advance! Airlines get more expensive the closer you are to your departure date. However, this doesn’t mean it’s impossible to plan a spontaneous adventure and still get cheap flights. Websites like skyscanner.com will run price comparisons, so you can still find the best deal.

Bringing a travel adapter on your trip is a tried and true travel tip.

Tip #2: Pack a universal adapter

One of the best things you can bring on an out-of-country trip is a universal charging adapter. You can’t charge your phone and devices without it! Forgetting this tool means spending valuable vacation time searching out and buying an overpriced adapter at your destination. It’s best to skip the headache and grab one from Amazon or any travel store before you take off.

Travel tips for unique adventures with a woman on a swing.

Tip #3: Tourist attractions and unique adventures

One of the best parts about traveling is experiencing new cultures, people and history. Better yet, every country and state boasts countless activities and sights. Our advice? Don’t be afraid to add tourist attractions and off-the-beaten-path adventures to your itinerary. Don’t skip out on seeing what made the area famous, but we also advise taking a chance on the lesser-known gems. Take advantage of the history, nature and local attractions that make your destination unique.

Download a map to your phone is a good travel tip.

Tip #4: Download Offline Maps

Downloading offline maps can save your trip in a pinch. You might be staying in the metropolis for the extent of your vacation, or you might be hitting the nature trails. Regardless, it’s important to be prepared. Having a downloaded map for the area you are visiting ensures you are never stranded.

Beach view with a directional sign.

Tip #5: Trust the Professionals

Let’s face it, planning vacations can be time-consuming and sometimes stressful. It can be challenging to know what to do and where to go for a unique experience. Instead of putting in all that work, take a load-off and let Traveling Soul Tours handle the logistics.

Woman holding vintage camera up to her eye.

Customized Travel Means a Vacation Tailored to You

Traveling Soul Tours plans Private Tours to your favorite location and crafts experiences that are chock-full of things you are passionate about. We provide local professional tour guides who are experts at their destinations. They know about the top tourist attractions and the hidden trails and secret adventures. And best yet, your trip is completely exclusive. Planning a vacation with Traveling Soul Tours means no large groups with you, no distractions, and no unnecessary stops. We plan trips that are all about you, so you can have the vacation you’ve been dreaming of.

For more travel tips and inspiration, visit our Blog. Ready to take off? Take our Travel Quiz and get started on your perfect vacation!

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