An Unforgettable Week in Washington State

Mar 29, 2021
Destination Inspiration
An epic mountain vista of a blue lake surrounded by soaring peaks and a blue sky.

Washington is a state rich with culture, wilderness and even wine. This beautiful state has so much to see and do, whether your adventures take you to the well-known spots or to hidden gems, there’s something for you here. This diverse and exciting state has so much more to offer than just Seattle! Here are our top destinations for an unforgettable week in Washington state.

The North Cascade National Park

If you love hiking, breathtaking views and outdoor fun, it’s time to explore the North Cascade National Park. This majestic national park is settled right at the top of Washington, only 2.5 hours from Seattle. It’s a vast wilderness of conifer-clad mountains, glaciers and lakes and is one of the most beautiful and remote parks that America has to offer. From cliffside treks, forest hikes to mountain peaks, and glorious clear lakes, the views never disappoint. Also not to be missed are the hundreds of waterfalls the park is famous for. Experience the epic peaks, cascading waterfalls, scenic glaciers and deep valleys, and enjoy an unforgettable adventure!

Wine Country like you’ve never seen it

When we think about vineyards in America, most people imagine Napa Valley. But quietly rivaling Napa is the Walla Walla Wine Country, home to over 140 wineries. It’s not just about the incredible wine – it’s the whole experience! While you sip wine from vineyard to vineyard, you’ll experience gorgeous mountain views, a serene river, and locally made craft beer and spirits in addition to the wines. Another benefit of Walla Walla is that the majority of these vineyards are family-owned, some spanning back through multiple generations. Take a break from the corporate vineyards of California and experience high-quality, family-run vineyards.

Small towns make for big fun

Rather than follow the crowds, skip Seattle and head for Winthrop. From a charming boardwalk full of local boutique shops to its western appeal and outdoor activities, Winthrop is sure to enchant. The wild west comes alive in Winthrop’s historic district that even offers its own old-time style Saloon (the oldest legal saloon in the state!). This charming small town is a perfect snapshot of pure Americana. Although Winthrop might be considered “off the beaten path”, the visit is sure to stay with you.

Book a Private Tour of Washington

Washington is a beautifully diverse state, full of one-of-a-kind adventures for you to embark on. With so much to do in just one state, choosing the perfect itinerary can be exciting. Additional Washington activities to consider include following the Oregon Trail, through the landscape that Lewis and Clarke pioneered, and exploring the famous Columbia River Valley. Sounds like fun? It gets better! 

Traveling Soul Tours offers an exceptional Private Tour of Washington State, from sipping wine in Walla Walla to experiencing the Cascade mountains, and all the stops in between. We plan something for everyone, so you’re guaranteed to have an experience tailored to you. 

To find out more about how you can enjoy an unforgettable week in Washington state, check out our Washington Wine & Wilderness Tour

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