Visiting Disney World During Covid-19

Mar 23, 2021
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A morning view of Main Street in Disney World with no people. The street is empty.

Covid-19 has truly halted the travel industry and there’s no denying that. But with fewer travelers and enticing discounts, the ability to have a whole new adventure is at your fingertips! In November 2020, I took my family to Florida for a visit to Disney World, and we had an amazing trip. Despite being in the midst of Covid-19, this was one of our favorite vacations. There were Covid-19 precautions in place for safety and hardly any wait times for rides.

Disney World looked really good with no lines!

A night view of the path leading to the castle at Disney world with no people walking on the path.

Walt Disney World Covid-19 Precautions

When arriving at Disney, the first thing to keep in mind is the phrase: Stick to your ticket. The way Disney Parks regulates the amount of people in the park is to sell a specific number of tickets for each day. That means you have to arrive at the park at the day and time specified on your ticket!

Other important Covid-19 regulations of note:

  1. The Disney Parks are adamant about keeping your mask over your nose and mouth for the duration of your time in the parks.
  2. Disney Parks requires everyone to stand 6 feet apart in ride lines.
  3. Many of the themed restaurants and vendors are closed due to Covid-19.
  4. There are less characters available for greeting. There will still be some opportunities, but we found that there were significantly less characters walking around and in themed restaurants.
  5. The grand parade has been shortened into a few miniature parades, with around 5-7 floats lasting for a few minutes each.

Benefits of Visiting Disney World During Covid-19

First and foremost, there were hardly any wait times! One of the most magical parts of our trip to Disney World was waiting for 10 minutes or less for most rides. We did almost double the rides as a normal trip, and truly felt we got our money’s worth considering how many roller coasters we did. It was also nice being able to walk around without overwhelming crowds. It was a great experience, and we definitely recommend taking advantage of the benefits!

Our Favorite Rides in the Parks

These two rides definitely top the “do not miss” list. The trip was phenomenal on its own, but experiencing the Star Wars and the Avatar rides was spectacular. These rides truly define the magic of Disney!

During Covid-19 a day time view of the Star Wars ride at Disney World with no people in line.

Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance

This ride took my breath away. Clocking in at 18 minutes, it is full of fantastic and immersive sights. From Stormtroopers walking around and shooting at you, to flying through the legs of an AT-AT Walker, we really felt like we were in a movie. Everything is life-size and feels authentic, and we could tell that every detail was thought out.

A daytime view of the Avatar ride at Disney World during Covid-19.

Avatar: Flight of Passage

Talk about a phenomenal ride! I don’t love the movie Avatar, but I certainly fell in love with this incredible roller coaster. From giant flowers that glow in the dark, to flying on the back of a mythical banshee, every minute of this experience was breathtaking. This ride is definitely a must-do and will truly immerse you in the feeling of the movie.

Disney World During Covid-19 is Worth the Trip

Walt Disney World was definitely one of our favorite trips this year. Despite closures due to Covid-19 and not everything being accessible, it was an incredible experience. No wait times are definitely something to be taken advantage of and enhance the magic of the park itself.

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