Scotland: Your Fairytale Destination Wedding

Mar 8, 2021
Destination Inspiration
Couple kissing on their wedding day in front of a castle. Scotland: Your Fairytale Destination Wedding

Imagine your future wedding day: whether it’s far away or just around the corner, everything should be exactly right. Selecting the perfect venue is one of the most challenging parts of wedding planning, but have you considered Scotland for your fairytale destination wedding? 

“Destination wedding” is a term that is thrown around frequently in the wedding community, but not something most couples actively explore. However, there are locations all around the world that offer a unique, intimate experience for you and your guests. Scotland, and specifically, the Highlands is one of the world’s most coveted locations for an unforgettable destination wedding. There is a reason this country is renowned for romance and alluring beauty. Celebrating your wedding among the epic vistas of Scotland allows you to fully embrace the fairytale, and create your dream wedding!

View of a beautiful Scottish castle in the Highlands on the shores of Loch Ness.

Highland Fairytale Castle

Step into the fairytale when you host your wedding in an enchanting castle, nestled in the countryside of the Scottish Highlands. You’ll feel like royalty throughout your special day as you experience gardens, acres of parkland and castle interiors. The most exciting aspect of a castle venue is that it is completely exclusive. This means that you, your wedding party and guests have the entire castle and grounds to yourself! Exclusive-use destination weddings like this are truly 5-star experiences. You’ll find that you don’t have to be a princess to be married like one!

View of a cliffside ruin in the Scottish Highlands

An Intimate Wedding at a Cliffside Ruin

Another breathtaking destination venue is a romantic cliffside in the Highlands. Exchange vows on the luscious green grass of the cliffside, with dramatic views of a castle, ruin or sea-scape behind you. This kind of dramatic location truly captures the romance of a runaway bride from a by-gone era. After your private ceremony, continue the celebrations with an elegant reception hosted at a luxury hotel in a nearby town. The Scottish Highlands are truly overflowing with spectacular vistas perfect for your run-away wedding. Traveling Soul Tours can plan your dream wedding to suit any needs and budget. Visit our Events page to learn more about our elopement wedding package and all our destination weddings to Scotland.

a lavish wedding reception inside an ancient castle

 Traveling Soul Tours’ Customizable Destination Wedding Packages

Whether it’s a fairytale castle in the Scottish Highlands or the allure of a 15th-century ruin nestled in the cliffside, Traveling Soul Tours makes your Scotland Destination Wedding happen. All of our wedding packages are 100% customizable to suit your needs! From travel dates, budget, number of guests, accommodations, catering, decor, entertainment and transportation – we tailor everything to your specifications. For more information about booking a destination wedding with us, visit our Events page, or contact us today.

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