Why You Should Travel to Yellowstone During Covid-19

Mar 4, 2021
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Why You Should Travel to Yellowstone During Covid-19 view of winter scene at Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone is one of America’s great beauties, but can you imagine seeing it without anyone else there? That is how my family and I got to experience Yellowstone National Park this winter over New Year’s week. Covid-19 has stopped many travelers from exploring Yellowstone’s mountains, but the park is open and bursting with incredible sights! We had the unique chance to see Yellowstone with almost no other people, and it was breathtaking.

Driving the Main Loop

Driving the main loop through Yellowstone is an exciting ride, often filled with animal sightings and gorgeous views. Having been to Yellowstone a few times before, I thought I knew what to expect. Imagine my surprise, then, when we arrived and had the whole place essentially to ourselves! Traveling to Yellowstone during Covid-19 allowed me to experience it as I never had before. We had no guilt when stopping to watch the animals walking about, or taking as many photos as we wanted. We were able to move at our own pace, and not worry about other cars halting our progress. It was bliss! The best part about driving the loop is that it was completely Covid-19 safe. We never had to leave our vehicle to witness something truly incredible.

Why You Should Travel to Yellowstone During Covid-19 buffalo walking on the street during winter at Yellowstone National Park

Breathtaking Views

Now more than ever is the time to witness the stunning views of America. As travelers, we often think of going to Europe and other continents to see breathtaking views. But in my experience, sometimes staying close to home can actually bring more wanderlust than adventuring far away. This was the case with my trip to Yellowstone. Hiking through the mountains and vistas of this National Park was awe-inspiring. And, the pictures I took feel as if they should be in a national geographic magazine!

Taking time to explore America’s beauty has truly paid off. It’s given me a deeper appreciation for the amazing country we live in.

Why You Should Travel to Yellowstone During Covid-19 drone view of Prism Lake at Yellowstone National Park

America the Beautiful is Open

Yellowstone is not the only National Park whose doors are open during Covid-19. And the trails are seemingly empty. Most national parks in America right now are open, and now is the perfect opportunity to explore them!

Covid-19 is a real concern, but not one that should keep you indoors. As things begin to calm down, it’s a great time for safe travel. Heading out for somewhere like Yellowstone National Park, where Covid-19 safety measures are in place, makes for a great, vacation. Use this time as a chance to get out and explore the incredible world right under your fingertips. There’s a reason our country is called “America the Beautiful”. Now is the perfect time to plan your get-away! Check out our Private and Custom Tours, and, you can jump-start your journey with our Travel Quiz.

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