Private Tours Make For Unique Adventures

Mar 22, 2021
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Two travelers with their backs turned looking at the horizon. One man is pointing and the other man is looking through binoculars.

Guided tours are a wonderful way to experience a new place. They allow you to immerse in the culture, history and unique insights of your destination. However, a typical guided tour can be crowded with distracting people and move at an undesirable pace. The solution is a private tour! With a private guided tour, you fully experience everything a location has to offer… on your terms. Going private gives you the kind of authentic, immersive moments that are only possible with expert planning and passionate local guides. For example, you can spend a little more time at a particular landmark, see an additional sight, or even skip one altogether. Private Tours creates unique adventures that make your travel richer through a personal connection.

A couple walking across a stone bridge to a large castle in Scotland.

So, what exactly is a Private Tour?

A Private Tour is designed around your travel desires. At Traveling Soul Tours we customize your tour to your unique interests. This means that we take your preferences, interests and favorite activities for a vacation, and tailor an experience that perfectly fits you and your party. The best part about this is that no one else is part of the group. The only people traveling with you are our expert tour guides and your small group. We take out the distractions and pace each day to your specifications. In other words, a private tour is guaranteed to suit your travel needs.

Our Experts Unlock Unique Adventures

One huge benefit of booking a Private Tour with Traveling Soul Tours is the access to our expert local tour guides. We have hand-selected and vetted our guides to give you the very best experience. Throughout your unique journey, your private guide will reveal hidden gems, local traditions, cuisines and customs. They bring to life the deeper, fascinating stories behind your destination. You’ll discover special places with character, originality and beauty – all with the freedom and flexibility to explore on your own schedule.

A white Mercedes Benz mini bus traveling through the misty mountains of Glen Coe in the Scottish Highlands.

The Benefits of a Private Tour

It’s no secret that a typical tour can move very quickly through locations. Sadly, this can leave you feeling a bit like you’re being herded. A generic tour has everyone’s interests in mind, so they squeeze in as many activities as possible. By contrast, one major benefit of a Private Tour is that you set the pace. For example, if a museum doesn’t interest you, you don’t have to spend time there. If you prefer more time at a fantastic monument or you’re curious about an additional site, your guide happily accommodates you. In addition, with a Traveling Soul Tours Private Tour, you’ll enjoy your own private transportation. Drive from location to location in a clean, luxurious private vehicle sized to suit your group. You won’t have the worry of navigating foreign roads. You can simply relax, be in the moment to thoroughly enjoy your surroundings.

A man standing through a car sunroof taking a photo of the surrounding mountains in Glen Coe, Scotland.

Travel Tailored to You

No matter what your interests, Traveling Soul Tours creates exciting activities to meet your expectations. If you prefer outdoor activities like hiking in the mountains or kayaking on a river, or you enjoy shopping on a boardwalk and finding relaxing places to kick your feet up, our local tour guides know exactly where to take you. Crafting your perfect vacation has never been so easy.

Your Unique Adventure

Traveling Soul Tours has truly reimagined the way people travel and experience the world around them. Our Private Tours offer unique adventures that are as distinctive as each of our clients. Your customized dream vacation awaits you! Contact us today or jumpstart your journey by using our Travel Quiz. For more information on our Private and Custom Tours please visit our website.

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