Tour the Castle Capital of the World

May 18, 2021
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Twilight view of Conwy Castle in Wales, the Castle Capital of the world.

Castles. These historic goliaths of bygone eras are sometimes magic, sometimes eerie, but always intriguing and enchanting. Exploring the halls of an ancient castle, whose walls tell past stories in history, is an unforgettable experience. Castles all over the world range in size and style, but one country’s castle count surpasses all others: Wales. We invite you to tour the castle capital of the world!

Home to over 600 castles, Wales truly impresses with more than any other country in the world! In addition to the marvelous castles, the countryside is charming and alluring all on its own. Keep reading for our Top 3 must-do Welsh experiences while visiting the original land of castles, myths and legends.

A view from the top of a castle in Wales, the castle capital of the world, with the countryside in the distance.

The Castles

Getting swept away in the beauty of an ancient castle is easy in Wales. Castles are everywhere you turn, each filled with its own unique story, architecture and fascinating history. On a castle tour, the past is revealed. You’ll discover how these captivating structures were built and learn about the intriguing lives of their previous owners. Castle visits are sure to give you a memorable experience, offering greater insight into the rich history of Wales.

An interior view of the ruins of Tintern Abby built in the 12th century in Wales, the castle capital of the world.

The Cathedrals and Ruins

Beyond castles and manors, another vital aspect of Welsh history are the cathedrals and ruins. Although many of these structures have deteriorated over time, it only adds to their intrigue and lure. Get caught up in the mystery of some of the most prolific ruins in the United Kingdom. Walk amongst the fallen walls and broken structures of a ruin and take in the immersive sights you won’t soon forget. Likewise, the cathedrals of Wales are full of awe and wonder. Stand in old abbeys and beautifully crafted cathedrals, explore their halls and marvel at these architectural feats. Dive into the fascinating stories of those who commissioned, built and worshiped inside these historic buildings.

A beautiful view of the bay and village buildings in the seaside town of Tenby in Wales, the castle capital of the world.

Village Adventures

There is more to Wales than its ancient structures. A tour through Wales allows you to discover its beautiful coastline, scenic countryside and quaint villages! For example, the charming city of Tenby, a picturesque seaside town with breathtaking views, unique shops and restaurants. Beyond the seascape vistas, Tenby offers visitors interactive and exciting experiences. For instance, a famously fully-realized recreation of a Tudor Merchant house. Guests can encounter ancient domestic lifestyles in this house, with a merchant shop and working kitchen, all accurate to the 1500s. It’s easy to make unforgettable memories in Welsh towns like Tenby. Although considered “off the beaten path”, Tenby is steeped with history and exciting discoveries!

A sunset vista of Mount Tryfan in the Ogwen Valley, Snowdonia, Wales.

Your Own Private Tour of Wales

Wales may be small but it is mighty! A Private Tour through Wales offers truly unique and exciting experiences. Wales has adventures for everyone, from historical castle tours to exploring cathedrals, or visiting small towns full of charm, and more! Additionally, booking a Private Tour to Wales through Traveling Soul Tours offers many benefits. Having daily access to our expert local guides, private transportation, and customization of every aspect of the trip are just some of our perks. 

Let us do all the work, while you enjoy all the fun! To book our Wales Grand Tour visit our Private Tours page

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