Making the Most of Travel During Covid-19

Feb 17, 2021
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making the most of travel during Covid-19 women viewing Golden Gate Bridge US travel

A world with Covid-19 doesn’t mean a world that can’t be explored

When Covid-19 emerged, it created an unprecedented challenge for travel and halted just about everyone in their tracks. Though quarantine has physically ended for most in America, the fear of Coronavirus is still keeping many people from traveling, even though they want to. However, the key to overcoming fear is information. Safe travel is possible with precautions and understanding, getting us back to what we love.

Staying close to home

Covid-19 makes international travel next to impossible… for now. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t explore your own part of the world! Now is the perfect time to go out and experience all that America has to offer: The beauty, the culture and the people. In this post, we discuss the safety of traveling during Covid-19, why it’s worth the effort, and how to take back the joy of travel and not let fear keep you at home.

making the most of travel during Covid-19 woman viewing mountains from car travel during Covid-19 safe travel USA

Is traveling during Covid-19 safe?

One of the most nerve-racking parts of the pandemic is the unknowns and almost constant change. Not knowing what to expect is a big deterrent in starting to travel again, but arming yourself with knowledge is power.

Knowledge is power

Every state in the US has posted Covid-19 travel regulations, and, at this time, many of them are similar. It is important to look up the recommended guidelines for each place you plan to visit before traveling. You can find more information on each state here. Some regulations will differ from state-to-state, but overall, the guidelines consist of wearing a mask in public, staying 6 feet apart, avoiding crowds and frequently washing hands your hands. Visit the CDC FAQ page for more in-depth Covid-19 precautions.

Of course, information is constantly changing as the pandemic takes unpredictable turns, which is why research is so important. By giving yourself the knowledge, you take away the fear. Traveling with Covid-19 can be safe, as long as you know what to do and you are strictly following all guidelines. When boarding an airline, understand their regulations. When entering a state, make sure you follow their protocols. By taking these precautions, you can feel confident in your travels.

Is travel worth it right now?

The short answer: Yes. 

The long answer: Yes! While Covid-19 is still something very real, and something to be cautious of, it is okay to get out there and take back your joy. Use this opportunity to experience places you might not have before when travel wasn’t restricted. America is beautiful, so use this as an excuse to travel somewhere new and do some activities that aren’t your norm.

Experience the benefits

One major benefit of traveling now is that wait times are close to non-existent, depending on where you go. Additionally, now is the time to find massive deals online for flights and hotels.

The benefit of traveling right now not only comes from breaking the monotony of ongoing isolation but also from connecting with the truly amazing culture and beauty of America.

Get back on the road

There will always be something stopping you if you allow it. Whether it’s as big as a pandemic or as small as daily excuses, the challenge in life is to push past the fear and make room to experience the good. As long as you actively take precautions, respect others, and stay healthy, there is no reason to not persevere through this trying time. Because as Americans, that’s what we do best – we persevere. Visit our Private and Custom Tours pages for inspiration and see how we can help you experience safe, personalized travel like never before.

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