Tips for Travel During Covid-19

Feb 23, 2021
Insider Tips
tips for travel during Covid-19

So, you’re considering travel during Covid-19, and are looking for the best deals? Or maybe you want to travel but are unsure if this is the right time to do so? The answer is yes, with flexibility and safety in mind. Here are our top tips for getting the best deals during Covid-19.

Airline Tips

When booking a flight, there are a few key points to keep in mind. From finding deals, to what to expect on the plane, knowing beforehand will give you the certainty you need to make the right decisions for your trip.

tips for travel during Covid-19

Airline Precautions

  • Planes are at full capacity – This means someone will most likely sit next to you on the plane, so be prepared for that.
  • Wear a mask – This is required by all airlines, but it is important to keep the masks on throughout the entire trip. Not just because the airline requests it, but because of the seating arrangements, you want to protect yourself from those around you, as a precaution.
  • Snack-bags – Depending on the airline, you will receive a plastic baggie with a water bottle and snack inside. We suggest bringing your own prepackaged snacks for longer flights.
  • Sanitizer – Some airlines will offer sanitizing wipes, but you should bring your own in case they don’t. This will help with your comfort level, allowing you to wipe down tray tables, seats and hand-rests.

Airline Deals

  • Be Flexible – Unless you have specific dates you must travel, be flexible with your travel days. Some airlines will offer deals for different days in the week. Be on the lookout for deal days! It might be a Tuesday on Delta and a Sunday on Southwest, so look through airlines to find the best deal.
    • One website that is great for this is Skyscanner – If you don’t have an airline preference, you can use Skyscanner to find the cheapest flights.
  • Look for Upgrades – When checking in for your flight, ask if there are any deals! Once I was able to upgrade my family’s seating to first class for only $50, saving me hundreds of dollars on our luggage costs. If I hadn’t asked during check-in we wouldn’t have known about the possibility of savings!

Hotel Tips

When booking a trip, looking for deals on accommodations can be just as important to your budget as airline deals! Here are a few things to keep in mind when booking a hotel room.

tips for travel during Covid-19

Hotel Booking

  • Big Savings – Many hotels are offering huge deals. Our advice is to research hotels that are an option for you and ask for deals. Some will have them, some won’t. The key here is to be resilient, and really sleuth out those that are having the best deals!
  • Timing Matters – Just like when booking your flight, flexibility is key. Look for cheaper nights to stay, as there will be “hot” days (the most expensive) and steal days (where you can get a much cheaper rate).
  • Branch Out – Sometimes finding a deal comes from a unique stay – look into Airbnb, Bed and Breakfasts, boutique hotels, or even funky overnight options to find unexpected great deals.

Take Advantage!

This is the time to travel. As the world bounces back from Covid-19 and finds its way back to normal, the deals will slow down. Take full advantage of the situation and get out there and travel! Take precautions, stay healthy and have an amazing adventure. To learn more about current travel safety and guidelines read our blog Making the Most of Travel During Covid-19.

Book a Private Tour

If spending hours online sifting through airline and hotel websites isn’t appealing to you, then allow us to suggest booking a Private or Custom Tour through Traveling Soul Tours. Let us handle the complexities of planning your trip, so you can simply relax and enjoy it! From your initial inquiry to the end of your trip, you’ll be in caring, experienced hands. We take care of all the details, documents and logistics… and we are pros at finding deals and working within your budget! Read more about our Private Tours or jumpstart your journey by taking our Travel Quiz.

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